Criminal Law

In criminal law practize we have defended clients in accusations on
corruption cases and in accusations of white collar crime cases in
general (tax fraud, corporate- bankruptzy-, competition law (cartel)
violations) , but also in accusations on crimes againds person and

Corporate, StartUp and Venture capital

We have consulted start-up and development projects in engaging angel-
and venture capital in the field of aviation, web-based entertainment,
sawing industry, construction, hotel business, livestock industry,
retail- and wholesale business. The work has included both contractual
and corporate formulation of investor-entrepreneur relationships but
also related relationship development in general.

Real estate, planning and construction

We have consulted the clients in development of the smaller construction
projects (private houses and small hotels construction) but also major
construction projects. The work includes representation in disputes over
construction quality issues and in construction contract disputes in
general. The part of the practice has been also estate planning,
consolidations and divisions of plots. Participation of the lawyer
usually is needed both in conduct of affairs in public institutions and
in administrative court disputes if needed.

Civil law and procedure

The practice includes court- and out-of-court disputes on property-,
contract-, and tort cases, also family- succession- and employment cases.

State procurement and administration

A part of the practice is legal disputes over State Procurement and Tax
Issues. We can help in preparing the public tender documentation and
represent in following legal dispute if needed. In tax issues the
practice contains administrative and court disputes over IRS (EMTA) tax
audits and orders.
A part ofthe practice has also been the criminal implementation law, in
representing the convicted persons rights.

International Lawyers Network

International Lawyers Network

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